Casino Royal Vegas Mobile Review

Mobile Casino Royal Vegas – Play On the Go on Your Smartphone AnywhereCasinoRoyalVegas is one of the top sites for online gambling. For people who love the art of playing games and winning, it is the perfect place to play against online challengers for the huge progressive jackpot that could be won by any person at any time.

Royal Vegas Casino now has a revolutionary mobile site for people who want to play on the go on their smart phone! It is easy to set up, and even easier to play.

Royal Vegas mobile works for iPhones and Android Phones, as well as Blackberries and other phones that are compatible with their systems. To sign up, all a user must do is enter your details:

  • Select your country of residence
  • Your personal mobile phone number
  • Enter the security code
  • And hit send to my mobile!

If your smartphone allows you to scan QR codes, you can easily scan the code from your computer screen and be playing games before you know it.


There is a wide array of great online games to choose from, including Mobile Roulette, Mobile Blackjack, Mobile Slots, Mobile Poker, and iPhone Casino!

The iPhone casino has its own great selection of iPhone casino applications that provides you with a literal casino straight to you on your mobile phone.


Casino Royal Vegas Mobile is powered by Playtech. It is compatible with iPhone, android, and BlackBerry, as well as other phones. CRV accepts credit cards and other convenient forms of payment for deposits used while playing. The online casino was founded in 2008, and has continued to increase play options as well as jackpots ever since their launch.


There are two different types of casino games that can be accessed. Some have been created for high level mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, and other smart phones. There are games that can be accessed on other types of phones, such as Nokia phones and the widely popular Sony Ericsson cellphone.

The higher the quality of hardware your phone has, the better the games will work; and the more options for winning big money at mobile casino games you will have. The games for older phones from mobile Casino Royal Vegas are of equally high quality, though they are lower in quantity.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have tried Casino Royal Vegas Mobile have been extremely satisfied with the 14 games available for download. They have also found the benefits of being a repeat customer to be great with many rewards and bonuses! In fact, Royal Vegas mobile is considered one of the best mobile casinos for games and bonuses.

Easy to Set Up

Sometimes the worst part of mobile apps is getting them to work properly, especially when they are tied to an internet site. This is not the case with Royal Vegas’s selection of mobile games. Installation is easy and free of any hassles. In no time, you will have this app running on your iPhone, android based phone or blackberry.

It’s as easy as downloading the software and associating your phone with your already existing Casino Royal Vegas account. You can even start a new account if you don’t have one already. The simple installation and activation means that you can be playing in a matter of minutes. It’s the best choice out there for mobile gambling.

Fantastic Games

The Casino Royal Vegas mobile experience blows the competition away with its attractive, easy to use interface and excellent games. Many of the main site’s favorites are represented with the same quality and ease of use. Each game has a unique set of graphics that will keep you wanting more. Many of the games features your favorite licensed characters, letting you demonstrate how big of a fan you really are.

There are a good variety of game types as well. Slot machine games are available, as well as table games, such as roulette and even card games like blackjack. The only difference between these and the usual mobile games is that you can win real money! It is a great opportunity to entertain yourself while you are on the go and make some cash.

The Same Quality of Service and Security as the Main Site

Casino Royal Vegas has a reputation as being a secure, reputable site, and they bring that same guarantee to the mobile platform. You will know that your money will be protected by their secure transfer systems. This peace of mind will let you concentrate on what is important, having fun!

They will also help with any technology assistance. If you are having trouble installing the software on your phone or are not sure if your phone is compatible with their services, just contact them through their main site and they will help you right away. You can even call them directly from within the mobile client itself.

No matter which game you like to play, you will be very satisfied with overall game quality as well as winning results while playing.